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Dr. Sita Garimella

MBBS (OSM), MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology, AIIMS, Delhi)
DNB, FNB (Fertility), MRCOG-1 (London)

All India Ranker (2nd rank in FNB, 36th rank in PGI, 48th rank in AIIMS PG

11 Years of Experience in IVF

11 Years of Experience in IVF

Dr. Sita Garimella has been an All-India ranker in many entrance exams and alumnus of India’s top-rated college AIIMS Delhi. She is one of the best IVF specialist in Hyderabad who has completed a super specialization in fertility treatments. She has conducted more than 1000+ IVF treatments with a strong success rate and worked in multiple fertility centers.

She is fondly known for her friendliness with patients. Many couples consistently mentioned interactions with her as delightful and supportive. She also balances her personal and professional life; hence she does not judge couples and provides data-driven advice leaving biases and stigmas. She is pioneering fertility space with ‘holistic IVF’ approach which supports patients with medical treatment, counselling, fertility yoga and nutrition counselling to improve IVF outcomes. Her empathy and compassion makes her one of the best IVF expert in Hyderabad.

She is passionate about research work and increasing success rates to the maximum in IVF. She has published research papers on improving fertility outcomes and IVF success rates. Her research interests include optimizing success rates in IVF, PCOS, and low reserve and repeated IVF failure make her the best IVF specialist in Hyderabad. She has contributed many chapters as well in numerous textbooks. She has presented at the European Society of Gynaecology too and received numerous awards in fertility.

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